How to Begin your Direct Mailing Project!

Direct Mail Marketing is an excellent way to reach potential and current customers. These mailings range from simple half page cards to full color full page mailers. We print a variety of fliers, brochures, posters, and mailers that we can mail directly from our mail house.


Step One: The Mailing List

Nothing can be printed without knowing how many you’re going to print and in order to know that you have to know how many potential customers you have in your target area. Mike French & Company will do this research for you for FREE!
All you need to do is describe who your customer would be and what area you want to target and we’ll find out how many potential customers you have in that area! If you’re selling to companies and you’re not sure what to categorize them as, just give us the phone number of one of those companies and we’ll do a search off that phone number and find that list for you!

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Step Two: The Mailing Piece

You’ll need something to mail to your prospective customers that will catch their eye and really make them respond! You can design it yourself or have out expert designers construct something for you.
The piece needs to appeal to the customer with offers and headlines that clearly mark your offering as the best that they can get. To this end, Mike French & Company, Inc. has come up with time tested strategies to get that response!

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Step Three: The Mail Fulfillment

Hurry and get in on the savings! Contact us regarding our popular Jump Starter format! Printed on heavy cardstock with perforated edge for easy coupon removal. This piece is sure to Jumpstart your sales!

Finally, your mailing pieces must make it into the mail for delivery to your Mailing List. By bulk mailing your pieces with us, you save 25% on postal fees! The Post Office has numerous strict requirements for bulk mail qualification. Save yourself the hassle and have us mail out your marketing piece. You’ll be glad you did!

Finally: Reap the Rewards!

Be careful when you send out your direct mail piece! Customers will be calling almost immediately and if your staff isn’t up to it, you could be swamped with business and loose your new customers because they have to wait for service.
Track your results! It will help if you can keep track of who’s ordering because of the mailing piece you sent out. This will tell you where you’re getting the best response for future mailings.

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